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This art is not only very well done but all the colors are just beautiful! I've never seen any picture so beautiful and so well handled...

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Best Friends part 2: The idea
Cane- 0-0
Nex- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Cane- Sure
Nex- UGH!
Mex- ...
:icon11560345:11560345 1 3
Best Friends Part 1: Cane And Meg
Cane- Nex and Mex get a room!
Nex- *grins* What you do like the site of love?
Cane- No i dont like the site of you -_-
Meg- HAHA BURN! *high fives cane*
Mex- Meg room. Now!
Cane- SHe may be your daughter but shes 18. She could move out any time so dont push it!
Meg- *whispers to cane*
Cane- *smiles and turns to nex and mex* Worst comes worst.. she can live with me
Nex- *growls*
Cane- Haha
Meg- Its my choice ya no!
Cane- Exactly
Meg- ...
Mex- *glares at cane*
Nex- *Hugs mex*
Cane and Meg- GAG!
Mex- -_-
Nex- -_-
Cane- I can do better -____________-
Meg- *laughs*
:icon11560345:11560345 1 9
Ask and Dare (des) :icon11560345:11560345 3 5 Mex :icon11560345:11560345 5 6 For my girlfriend Dp, I love you :icon11560345:11560345 5 19 Nails for gal ^^ :icon11560345:11560345 3 11
For http://darkpony29.deviantart
Baby don't you cry
I will stay here by your side
Together we will fly
I will never again hide
From you or anyone
Cuz I can't bare to see you sad
This battle we have won
That I am glad
No I'd never hurt you
I'd die to see you smile
I'm sorry I scared you and we WILL make It through
No I love you no matter what and I'll love you for many miles
As we go thro life
I'd care for you thro thick and thin
I want to make you my Wife
To hear your laugh it makes me grin
Crysta I will love you forever. I am sooooooooo sorry I scared you. Everything said in this poem is true. I will always love you 😘 💞
:icon11560345:11560345 3 7
Lil less sttessed.. I let my ma do my makeup :icon11560345:11560345 4 8 April fools!!!! XD :icon11560345:11560345 3 7 Bout a year now and I still can't play Xb :icon11560345:11560345 1 2 Selfi... Blurry kit X3 :icon11560345:11560345 3 17 A mouse for my love (read des) :icon11560345:11560345 2 16 I'M READING TO FAST! )': :icon11560345:11560345 2 7 Cute yet Crazy Kitten :icon11560345:11560345 3 8 kitten ^^ :icon11560345:11560345 4 22 Mia as a cat with wings X3 ( read des) :icon11560345:11560345 2 3


Tommykaira ZZII-R :iconbfg-9krc:BFG-9KRC 27 1 BMW M5 F10 Infinite Stratos :iconbfg-9krc:BFG-9KRC 23 0 Mugen Fit Sport :iconbfg-9krc:BFG-9KRC 22 13 Ford GT '17 Hotwheels :iconbfg-9krc:BFG-9KRC 39 0 Racing Dynamics K55 TT :iconbfg-9krc:BFG-9KRC 24 5 Re-Imagine :iconyuumei:yuumei 64,494 3,234 Sans :iconmarreeps:marreeps 6,341 388 Sweety and the Ink Machine :iconfoxtrot-the-mangle:foxtrot-the-mangle 8 6 Sweetale Abomination :iconfoxtrot-the-mangle:foxtrot-the-mangle 5 0 Inferno: Page 9 :iconravenpoke:Ravenpoke 2 4 Inspired by Darkpony :iconsweetcrazypop:SweetCrazyPop 5 14 I'm sorry (SweetMangle103 Collab) :iconsweetcrazypop:SweetCrazyPop 1 11 [TNaFT | FNaF] Collab - W..What?.. - Mine Ver. :iconsweetmangle103:SweetMangle103 3 0 What my Sammy Lawrence thinks about other Sammys :iconsweetmangle103:SweetMangle103 5 6 [BATIM AU] My Lord!... :iconsweetmangle103:SweetMangle103 8 2 dr.jack kids (read description) :icondarkpony29:darkpony29 7 10


As my mom said im taking a break from da for.. a few months. i wont be deactivating but i will not be active. Rose, ( i think it would be a good idea if you posted the rp we did and make it into scrips. Stop it where you want or use my characters and add more. i think people would really enjoy it ^^

- Makenzie
Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. This is Makenzie's mom, Victoria. Unfortunately, because Makenzie doesn't seem to realize she isn't as sneaky as she thinks she is, she won't be on for a while. I understand she consideres many of your her friends, and loves sharing her art with you all, but as her mom, I need to enforce some rules. Crysta, I'm very sorry, I know this is how you guys talk, but if you want to talk to her on break you'll have to call her at home because she's not allowed to have her phone right now. I'll have her send you the # in a Playstation message later. I love Makenzie very much, and as her friends I hope you all understand why this has to be done. She is dealing with a lot right now, and I need to do what I can to help her. Have a wonderful week everyone!
-Kenzies Mom
I had no candy for easter.... AND MY GRANDPARENTS CAME TO THE RESCUE! it might not be much but IT'S CANDY!
I am a book nerd and these are my favorite. If u read them and know the characters Jayfeather, HollyLeaf, and Lionblaze could you draw them for me? There from the 3rd series.. power of three 😶😊


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I love to draw and read. Drawing is my hobby and i love my fam and gf so much <3


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